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A Video Look At How We Are Living On Solar.

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Living on Solar

Welcome to Living on Solar. Have you ever wondered what it might be like living in a solar home? We live in a passive solar home. The sun provides heat for our home in the winter, cooling for our home in the summer, heats our water and provides most of our electricity.

We have created this site to show how we use solar power. We have made solar videos that can be watched through this site showing the various ways that we use solar energy to provide for our heating, cooling and electrical needs. We hope that they will be interesting and informative to those who know little and those who may know a lot about what can be done to harness the sun's energy. We hope our videos will be a help to anyone who may be considering using solar power or even making solar living a way of life.

The passive solar, solar electricity, solar heating, solar cooling,  and solar tracking videos are all up and running. You can find the videos on the links to the left. We hope that you will return often as we add new ones to the list.

Please visit the Living On Solar Blog to ask questions about all things solar.


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