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A Video Look At Our Solar Electric Home.

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Solar Electricity - Our Solar Electric Home


Solar Home For Sale

After 28 years of living in our home in Northern California, we are moving to a new location. We love living here and wish we could take our home with us, but we can't. If you are interested in living in an off grid home please click on the picture or click  HERE to see how you might become the next owner.

Click here to play the solar electricity video


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Solar PanelsSolar living and using solar electric panels to provide solar electricity for our home was an easy transition from receiving power from the power companies. The nearest utility poles are about a half mile from our home. We bought our property knowing that power was not close and would be expensive to run to our property. Because of this we paid a lot less for the land. The cost difference paid for our initial system. We estimate that our solar power system pays for itself again every 7 to 8 years.

Unless you saw the solar collectors on the outside, you would never know we were a solar electric home on the inside. Our home functions just the same way any other home that receives grid power would. There are some limitations on what we can do with our solar electric system. We can not run two major appliances like a microwave and blow dryer at the same time. Our inverter provides 2800 watts of power and two items like those would come close to using more power than is available at one time. We also use a propane refrigerator which eliminates the need for a large solar electric system. Other than that, we use our power like we always have only using solar energy instead.

Please visit the Living On Solar Blog to talk about or ask questions about solar electricity.

The video runs for 3 minutes and 46 seconds and shows what the components of a solar electricity system are from the solar panels to the charge controller and inverter. It then shows how we took those components and used them for our solar electric system. We hope that you enjoy the video. Please watch our other solar videos elsewhere on this site.

Click here to play the solar electricity video


Watch it on YouTube


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