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A Video Look At How We Are Living On Solar.

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Solar Home For Sale

After 31 years of living in our home in Northern California, we are moving to a new location. We love living here and wish we could take our home with us, but we can't. If you are interested in living in an off grid home please click on the picture or click  HERE to see how you might become the next owner.

Here are some links to sites that we like.

www.dsireusa.org - a comprehensive source of information on state, local, utility, and federal incentives that promote renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Discover Solar Energy - a comprehensive resource of more than 9000+ renewable energy links to relevant websites of individuals, governments and organizations.

Build It Solar - Solar energy projects for Do It Yourselfers to save money and reduce pollution.

Otherpower.COM - A resource of information and materials for alternative power sources.

RED ROCK ENERGY This is a great site full of info about heliostats and solar tracking. They make and sell electronic solar trackers.

Home Solar Energy System - Solar energy for the rest of us. Learn how to save money using solar and renewable energy in daily life. We offer Affordable Solar Energy Ebooks, information on solar grants, solar appliances, solar power at home and a free Inspired Solar Directory.

Solar Energy Pros and Cons - The resource was created to provide information to those interested in converting to solar energy. In it, we have information about the pros and cons of switching to solar.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Department Of Energy

Home Solar Panels - Introductory guide to home solar energy systems.

Links that helped in making this site

Easy Web Video - A great program that made putting flash videos directly on this site a breeze.

The W3C Markup Validation Service - an invaluable tool that checks for errors in HTML code and helps to make your site error free.

Solar Installers and Providers by Country

United States


Residential Solar Installer - Residential Solar Installer – by Sungevity.com – Top Home Solar Installation Company in California.

Solar Action Alliance California - Exists to educate our Californian visitors and provide them with all the information they need in order to go solar.

Solar Free Estimates - A solar electric system generates electricity for your home

North Carolina

Solar Water Heating Systems - Solar water heating systems capture the sun’s abundant and clean energy and convert it into a form which can be used to provide a contribution towards our hot water demands.


Solar Well Pump Kit - Sunshine Works solar well pump kit can be installed with simple hand tools.


A1 Batterypro - A company that sells batteries and solar panels


SwedSun - A portal for renewable energy, solar PV and energy saving products.

United Kingdom

Intelligent Energy Solutions - Based in Leicestershire, Intelligent Energy Solutions supply and install a range of solar panels and heat pumps to homes and commercial sites across the UK.

ENF Solar - A solar industry directory which includes more than 16,000 PV companies from all over the world.

GreenMatch - A guide to green energy


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